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  • O!susume – Bonnie Pink

    O!susume – Bonnie Pink

    For this month’s O!susume, I’ve chosen to recommend Bonnie Pink, a solo artist with a prolific career of nearly 30 years. I was first introduced to her music via the Tales of Vesperia opening theme, “Ring a Bell”, or 鐘を鳴らして (kane wo narashite) in Japanese; she sang both the English and Japanese versions of the…

  • O!susume – PLOT SCRAPS

    O!susume – PLOT SCRAPS

    This month’s O!susume is a band that I recently found that I’ve been listening to a lot and I wanted to learn more about them and give some song recommendations! PLOT SCRAPS is a small 3 piece pop-rock band signed to No Big Deal Records, a small label that has a few noteworthy acts like…

  • Nagi’s Japan Trip Album Roundup!

    Nagi’s Japan Trip Album Roundup!

    A quick and dirty review of the secondhand albums Nagi picked up while traveling around Japan last month!

  • O!susume – Yoh Kamiyama

    O!susume – Yoh Kamiyama

    It’s time for my first O! Rec of the year! This time I’m recommending a few songs from musician Yoh Kamiyama, a Vocaloid producer turned pop artist with an EDM and R&B spin. I first found the artist’s music from the theme song of the anime Horimiya, and I’ve been looking forward to his music…

  • O!susume 2022 Best Hits Countdown

    O!susume 2022 Best Hits Countdown

    A special January 2023 edition of O!susume RadioBeat, where Erin and Nagi select and feature five of their top favorite recommended songs from the past year!

  • O!susume – Band-Maid

    O!susume – Band-Maid

    Broadcast 26: Band-Maid – Back when I first started O!susume RadioBeat, I knew that I was going to write about Band-Maid at some point. It’s literally my favorite band, how could I not? But I’ve held off for a few years now, mostly because I wasn’t ready; I didn’t think my writing could do them…

  • O!susume – HY

    O!susume – HY

    Broadcast 24 – My pick for November’s article is HY, another band that hails from the sunny southern islands of Okinawa, alongside ANLY, whom I covered in one of O!’s first broadcasts. The group has had quite the journey, from starting as a five-member band still in high school to four nationally lauded musicians of…

  • O!susume – Omoinotake

    O!susume – Omoinotake

    Broadcast 23 – This next band is one that exudes romance, from the lyrics and music videos, all the way to the soul behind their music. A lot of people have heard about them through their theme songs on the drama Cherry Magic or the anime Blue Period, but they are definitely worth giving a…

  • O!susume – NANO

    O!susume – NANO

    Broadcast 22 – I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write about NANO for O!susume. I don’t have a clear, long-lasting ranking of favorite musical artists (save for number 1, as you’ll find out in December’s post), but if pressed, I’d almost always list her among my top 3 or 5. Maybe…

  • O!susume – Lucky Kilimanjaro

    O!susume – Lucky Kilimanjaro

    Broadcast 21 – I don’t remember exactly how I learned about Lucky Kilimanjaro; in fact, they’ve seemed to nicely materialize into my own cloud of music that I listen to as if they had always belonged there. In any case, they’ve been on my radar for some time as being a band that always produces…