“There is always suffering in finding our way in the dark, but the Craft makes us whole.”

Sixteen-year-old Renna Porter has outgrown a painful and uncanny childhood. Her dark dreams are in the past, and she can finally enjoy her life with three dads and a dozen surrogate siblings. However, a visit from a dapper witch named Job reveals the tragic birthright of her blood. The witch Mab, Job’s tutor and grandmother to Renna, perished fighting a vengeful demon twelve years prior. Now the demon has returned to burn the last branch of Renna’s family tree.

Job tutors Renna in witchcraft while they race to a fortified rectory deep within the Adirondacks. As the demon draws closer, the bond between teacher and student wears thin, and forgotten family steps out of Renna’s past with an offering of dark power. Renna must decide if blood is thicker than water, and which will help her survive against an unstoppable hell-fiend.

Renna’s Crossing is a contemporary fantasy YA story, the first book in a trilogy about teenage witches chasing (or escaping) their destinies across the East Coast of the United States. The author, Geordie Morse, started the project in 2015, and after many revisions and querying of agents, landed a deal with publisher Black Rose Writing. Cover and interior illustrations are by MANOdeMARINA.

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