O!susume – PLOT SCRAPS

This month’s O!Susume is a band that I recently found that I’ve been listening to a lot and I wanted to learn more about them and give some song recommendations! PLOT SCRAPS is a small 3 piece pop-rock band signed to No Big Deal Records, a small label that has a few noteworthy acts like JYOCHO and 04 Limited Sazabys. PLOT SCRAPS is a pop rock group that has a distinct upbeat sound with some memorable riffs, and I’m excited to share some songs that caught my attention with you today!


Years Active: 2018 – Present (2023)

Core Members: Suyama Ryota 陶山良太 (vocals and guitar), Kameyama Atsushi 亀山敦史 (bass), Mogu もぐ (drums)

Point of Origin: Tokyo



PLOT SCRAPS is a three member pop band that’s released one full length album and a few mini albums to date with a pleasant range in their discography. Their upbeat melodies and intricate instrumental breakdowns being exactly what I’ve been looking for lately. They’re just the right balance of pop and musical complexity to keep my brain intrigued, and the three songs I’m sharing today show off different sides of the band that really work well for the band as a whole.

Signed to No Big Deal Records and based in Tokyo, PLOT SCRAPS launched their career in 2018 with the release of their mini album “Vital Signs,” which features some really great songs right off the bat. Their line-up is similar to my previous O!Susume, Oisicle Melonpan, with one person on vocals and guitar doing most of the composing (Suyama Ryota 陶山良太), another on drums (Mogu もぐ), and the third on the bass (Kameyama Atsushi 亀山敦史). These two bands seem to really excel with this setup, and their individuality shines through with each song feeling distinct yet cohesive.

Since the release of their first mini album, PLOT SCRAPS  has released several more mini albums and singles, as well as one full length album in 2022 called My FRAGMENTS+. It seems like half of their career has been during the pandemic, and Suyama Ryota 陶山良太, the vocalist and guitarist as well as the band’s composer, expressed his feelings about the pandemic in their first digital mini album called IRREVERSIBLE OK? released in 2021. One thing I really appreciate about their music videos is that most of them have English subtitles, so you can really understand the depth of their lyrics. Another cool thing about the band is that they have recently been active on social media putting up cover songs which are fun to check out!

Without further ado, please enjoy my song recommendations and let me know what you think!



“ALWAYS BE HERE” is their latest single which appears on their 2022 EP “ABH.” This song starts off with a bright and upbeat riff that reminds me of one of my favorite bands called School Food Punishment, with some sparkling textures that remind me of Kinoko Teikoku (around 1:29). Besides reminding me of some of my favorite bands, PLOT SCRAPS also embody a classic pop sound with instrumentals that excel with some unexpected twists, especially around their breakdown around 2:27. Overall, their attention to rhythm and interesting instrumentals lends me to think of them as “pop math” since their overall direction is pop—but their driving force has a detailed mathy feel (read more about math rock in my toe article).

“ALWAYS BE HERE” has a simple music video with the band members playing their instruments, and it has a vibrant pink color scheme with tiny pink English subtitles at the bottom left hand side of the video that you might just be able to make out. I love their energy in the video, and Suyama Ryota 陶山良太 vocals are interesting because they tend to be more on the nasal side, but I still find them pleasant for this style of music. The song ends in a nice succinct way, and it always leaves me in a more upbeat mood, so I wanted to share that energy with you today!


Kindness Paradox

“Kindness Paradox” is a 2021 single also on their 2022 album My Fragments+. This song starts off a little grittier and darker than the previous song but the lyrics are just as introspective—this time discussing the limitations of boundless kindness (check out the English subtitles). Again, the video is straightforward with the group playing their instruments in a room with a white background, but this time the coloring is desaturated and the overall color scheme is blue. The song starts off with Kameyama Atsushi 亀山敦史 playing a sweet bass intro, and his energy throughout the song really steals the show for me. If you love bass as much as I do, then the three person set-up of PLOT SCRAPS is the perfect way to allow the bass to get the attention it deserves!


Raison d’etre

“レーゾンデートル” (“Raison d’etre” – “Reason for Being”) was released on their first mini album, Vital Signs, in 2018. While the English lyrics aren’t available, it’s clear that this song is about something just as thoughtful as they’ve shown before. “Raison d’etre” feels reflective and nostalgic, and the video further conveys that with the moving panoramic background that changes behind the band playing in a room with changing light and shadow. I love that this song shows off a different sentimental side of the band, while still being bright and positive with interesting instrumental elements as well. This was one of the first songs PLOT SCRAPS released, and they’ve managed to release some interesting songs that feel cohesive but different since then—I’m looking forward to getting to know the band more and seeing their future progression!








This Broadcast was written by Erin; you can find them on instagram at @thekniterin.