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  • O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – October 2023

    O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – October 2023

    This month it seems like I’ve been drawn to new music and collaborations and spin-off projects involving artists that I really like. Sometimes I’m really in the mood to listen to new music and other times I’m really drawn to listen to well-loved music. Do you also have times where you are only seeing new…

  • O!susume – Zwei

    O!susume – Zwei

    I’m back this month to recommend another artist that was again (like last month’s Nakashima Mika) involved in my queer awakening: the female rock band bass/vocal duo called Zwei. There was a period of time where I was finding a lot of the music on YouTube, including the German band called Tokio Hotel, so it…

  • O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – September 2023

    O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – September 2023

    This month I’ve taken a trip back through my music discography and revisited artists and songs that I was really into around 2017. At the time I was really into indie rock artists with female vocals, which also happens to be one of my very favorite genres of all time. What were you listening to…

  • O!susume – Nakashima Mika

    O!susume – Nakashima Mika

    Nakashima Mika is an actress and singer who rose to fame at the age of 17 in 2001 when she played the main character in the drama “Tainted Love Song” and sang the theme song “Stars” which subsequently landed her first album at number 1 on the Oricon charts. I’ve always thought of her as…

  • O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – August 2023

    O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – August 2023

    Do you ever feel like your music tastes change with the seasons? My August Mixtape is full of new releases from familiar artists, as well as one gem from Yorushika that I found while re-listening to some of their albums again. Let’s say goodbye to summer together with Erin’s August Mixtape!

  • O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – July 2023

    O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – July 2023

    This month’s Mixtape has me grooving to some long-held beloved artists that have recently come off of hiatus, and I’m super excited about it! Let me know what you’ve been listening to in July and let me know if any artists you love have recently come off of hiatus!

  • O!susume – DIR EN GREY

    O!susume – DIR EN GREY

    For my last O!Susume recommendation of 2022, I have a band for you that’s been my favorite for almost 20 years. The first time I listened to DIR EN GREY, I was watching my younger brother play soccer when my older brother handed over his ipod for me to listen to this exciting rock band…

  • O!susume – Omoinotake

    O!susume – Omoinotake

    Broadcast 23 – This next band is one that exudes romance, from the lyrics and music videos, all the way to the soul behind their music. A lot of people have heard about them through their theme songs on the drama Cherry Magic or the anime Blue Period, but they are definitely worth giving a…

  • O!susume – NANO

    Broadcast 22 – I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write about NANO for O!susume. I don’t have a clear, long-lasting ranking of favorite musical artists (save for number 1, as you’ll find out in December’s post), but if pressed, I’d almost always list her among my top 3 or 5. Maybe…

  • O!susume – Lucky Kilimanjaro

    O!susume – Lucky Kilimanjaro

    Broadcast 21 – I don’t remember exactly how I learned about Lucky Kilimanjaro; in fact, they’ve seemed to nicely materialize into my own cloud of music that I listen to as if they had always belonged there. In any case, they’ve been on my radar for some time as being a band that always produces…