O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – October 2023

This month it seems like I’ve been drawn to new music and collaborations and spin-off projects involving artists that I really like. Sometimes I’m really in the mood to listen to new music and other times I’m really drawn to listen to well-loved music. Do you also have times where you are only seeing new music or only listening to old favorites?

Kamiyama Yoh – Koimeguri

Back in February I recommended Kamiyama Yoh after finding his music from the anime Horimiya, and he’s back with another release that will have a special animated music video released along with the Horimiya -pieces- Blu-ray and DVD. This song is a pleasure to listen to with soothing vocals and a lovely string accompaniment gently glistening in the background and is definitely my favorite track I found this month.


genie high ft. yama – Monster 

genie high is a band made up of musicians that are already established in other bands that I love, such as Ikkyu from tricot on vocals and guitar, and Enon Kawatani from Gesu no Kiwami Otome on vocals and guitar, along with some other well-known entertainment acts on the other instruments. This song features the famous singer yama on vocals, which really harmonizes beautifully with Ikkyu’s vocals, and the jazzy flair to the song really helps capture their unique essences.


Fujifabric x Frederic – Eye Rendezvous

This collaboration between Fujifabric and Frederic is another song that I’ve been listening to this month where I just think the two vocalists harmonize beautifully together. “Eye Rendezvous” is just as catchy as I would expect from Frederic with their signature upbeat overall experience, but the added element of Fujifabric’s vocals are texturally refreshing. I’m not as familiar with Fujifabric as I am with Frederic, so I’m curious to listen to more of their music to get a better idea of their influence on this song as well!


Aoyama Sachiko – Esper

I keep coming back to this song because there’s something about it that is unwittingly catchy—hours after listening, I’ll start humming along to it playing in my head. I’m not yet familiar with this artist, but her vocals are bright with a really nice resonance to them and the song’s musical elements are well produced. Overall, I’m interested in listening to more from this artist, so let me know if you have any song recommendations!


Regal Lily – Liner

Regal Lily (リーガルリリー) is a band that is also new to me that I found on a list recommended to me through Spotify. They definitely have a cool indie vibe that reminds me of yonige, with similar airy vocals that sway with the awesome melodious instrumentals. “Liner” also has a bridge with the talking-singing style that I really love at the 1:20 mark which keeps bringing me back to give it another listen. Regal Lily seem to have a lot of elements that I love, so I am interested in checking out their backlog and adding them to my list of cool indie female rock bands.



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This Broadcast was written by Erin; you can find them on instagram at @thekniterin.