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  • Album Review – cogency by COgeNdshE

    Album Review – cogency by COgeNdshE

    Today is my first post of a new series—introducing album reviews! Sometimes I find an album that is meant to be experienced from start to finish as a full artistic piece. This is often my favorite way to listen to music, so I’m here to talk about one of my favorite albums of all time,…

  • O!susume – tricot

    O!susume – tricot

    Broadcast 17: tricot For this month’s recommendation, I’m talking about tricot—an explosive alt/math/J-rock band that expanded and redefined what kind of music I wanted to listen to back in 2015. They inspired me to seek out more awesome Japanese rock bands with female vocalists and instrumentalists—so I can ultimately thank them for expanding the awesome…

  • O!susume – toe

    O!susume – toe

    Broadcast 11: What I love about toe is similar to what I love about Japanese music in general; often Japanese music is through-composed with a focus on rhythmic progression throughout a given song, and math-rock is the perfect genre to expand on that. toe’s music is melodic and gentle, yet complex and interesting to listen…