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  • BURNAWAY Dev Log: What is an Embergeist?

    A short development log for BURNAWAY\’s production, focused on the nature of Embergeists.

  • BURNAWAY Dev Log: The Interactive Story Primer

    A short devleopment log for BURNAWAY\’s production, focused on the conceptualization and development of the Interactive Story Primer.

  • Dev Diary 4/24/19

    Motivation is a real funny thing. Yesterday I was feeling on the edge of burnout- when your anxiety acts like a wendigo, picking you up by your armpits and forcing you to run faster than you can manage, but never being able to stop until your feet fall off or it, like, eats you or…

  • Dev Diary 4/5/19

    My second post for Chaotic Youthful went up tonight on Arnamantle\’s Twitter and Instagram, as well as my personal Tumblr and Pillowfort. I should probably get around to linking those first two to the site here. Both of those accounts are still brand new, so they don\’t have any followers. Publishing a project like C_Y…