Dev Diary 4/5/19

My second post for Chaotic Youthful went up tonight on Arnamantle\’s Twitter and Instagram, as well as my personal Tumblr and Pillowfort. I should probably get around to linking those first two to the site here. Both of those accounts are still brand new, so they don\’t have any followers. Publishing a project like C_Y on them feels a bit like putting the cart before the horse, but I\’m more hoping that once they gain some traction after a couple months of posting consistently, people will go and check out the backlog. At some point I should make a post on the BLP accounts and try to direct some of the traffic that\’s still connected to those feeds over this way. But doing that also feels a bit like stepping back into a familiar place you left awhile back; the only welcome is your own echo.

I spoke on the phone for the first time with the editor that I\’m hiring to do a copy-edit of my book, Renna\’s Crossing. While I had been pretty set on going the self-publishing route at the time I found her details, she seems to think there\’s still hope for this story on the traditional publishing path. After two years of struggle and disappointment, I\’m a bit jaded at everything, I have to say, so I\’m gonna reserve my judgement and try and warm up with her optimism.

Almost done with Myth 2 of Calliope! Part 12 is going live tomorrow or Sunday, and then the final part the week after. I\’m hoping to direct some eyeballs over to this site, and I\’ll post some updates, maybe in these dev diaries, to keep myself on track for writing Myth 3 and beyond.