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  • O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – August 2023

    O!susume – Erin’s Monthly Mixtape – August 2023

    Do you ever feel like your music tastes change with the seasons? My August Mixtape is full of new releases from familiar artists, as well as one gem from Yorushika that I found while re-listening to some of their albums again. Let’s say goodbye to summer together with Erin’s August Mixtape!

  • O!susume – Yorushika

    O!susume – Yorushika

    Broadcast 3: Welcome back to O!susume RadioBeat with our 3rd broadcast, after a bit of a hiatus! You’ll be happy to hear that a small-ish part of this haitus was spent perusing the rental aisles of Tsutaya and GEOS in Saitama, Japan, and Nagi (that’s me) has returned with a whole new haul of recommendations…