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  • O!susume – Yorushika

    O!susume – Yorushika

    Broadcast 3: Welcome back to O!susume RadioBeat with our 3rd broadcast, after a bit of a hiatus! You’ll be happy to hear that a small-ish part of this haitus was spent perusing the rental aisles of Tsutaya and GEOS in Saitama, Japan, and Nagi (that’s me) has returned with a whole new haul of recommendations…

  • O!susume – Anly

    O!susume – Anly

    Broadcast 2: Welcome back to our second broadcast of O!susume. I started off with an older band, so this time I decided to go with someone (much) fresher on the scene. Gotta hit those, uh, younger demographics or something.

  • O!susume – Do As Infinity

    O!susume – Do As Infinity

    Broadcast 1: Welcome to the very first broadcast of O!susume RadioBeat, Nagi’s personal music blog project that lets him jaw on and on about his fav Japanese artists and tries to get you, dear readers, to give them a spin as well. After a lot of deliberation about who would take the honorary spot of…