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  • O!susume – Band-Maid

    O!susume – Band-Maid

    Broadcast 26: Band-Maid – Back when I first started O!susume RadioBeat, I knew that I was going to write about Band-Maid at some point. It’s literally my favorite band, how could I not? But I’ve held off for a few years now, mostly because I wasn’t ready; I didn’t think my writing could do them…

  • O!susume – HY

    O!susume – HY

    Broadcast 24 – My pick for November’s article is HY, another band that hails from the sunny southern islands of Okinawa, alongside ANLY, whom I covered in one of O!’s first broadcasts. The group has had quite the journey, from starting as a five-member band still in high school to four nationally lauded musicians of…