Broadcast 7: GOOD ON THE REEL

Welcome or welcome back to another O!Susume RadioBeat Broadcast, our first for February 2022. Shake off the winter blues with Erin\’s recommendation of the month, the five-member band GOOD ON THE REEL.


Members: 千野隆尋 Chino Takahiro (vocals), 伊丸岡亮太 Imaruoka Ryouta (guitar), 岡﨑広平 Okazaki Kouhei (guitar),  宇佐美友啓 Usami Tomohiro (bass), 高橋誠 Takahashi Makoto (drums)

Years Active: 2005 – Present (2022)

Point of Origin: Tokyo, Shinjuku at ESP Musical Academy



GOOD ON THE REEL is an indie rock band that formed in 2005, with five members who met at a vocational music school and, as far as I can tell, were originally managed by FOURseam until they moved to Universal Music Japan and eventually came to an agreement with them to start their own record label in partnership called lawl records.

Their name, GOOD ON THE REEL, means something along the lines of, “something good,” and their music evokes a similar feel-good temperament. They have a clear and energetic pop-rock sound with a measure of sincerity and soul infused in the vocals that first drew me to the band.

Certificate of Existence

The first music video I want to share from 2014 is a good example of their signature style which includes a mixture of pleasing melodies and vocals that are filled to the brim with emotion. 存在証明書, meaning something like “Certificate of Existence,” starts off with a memorable guitar riff that leads into the video with the whole band playing in a white room. The video is simple and yet still effective in showcasing the depth of emotion in the song through camera effects and with their play of light and shadow.



SUNRISE is a 2021 single that’s a little more playful, yet still lively and sincere in execution. Seven years have passed since the previous video but the band members are still center-stage. This time they’re in a dark room with spotlights instead of in a white room and there are chefs surrounding the members, both making udon and dancing throughout the video in time with the catchy melodies and circular camera-work. I think this song is an enjoyable display of the band’s emotive vocals in a more light-hearted context—Chino Takahiro has a great quality to his voice, especially when it comes to how he chooses to use vibrato.


Exchange Diary

The last song also from 2021 is called 交換日記 (Koukannikki), which means “Exchange Diary.” This video is different from the other videos I’ve shown from GOOD ON THE REEL in that it’s mostly a narrative video showing a couple (actor Suzuki Jin and actress Fukumoto Riko) going through an argument. Throughout their relationship, the couple exchanges a diary with each other, and in the end their shared experiences bring them back together.

GOOD ON THE REEL has had a few songs featured in drama openings and endings, and it’s nice to see them lean into that here with their own video. The song accompanying the video seems like it sets the tone well for a romantic drama, going through some emotional highs and lows with a pleasant melody to connect those moments. Overall, I’m excited to see how their music videos and sound develop in the future.

Since the launch of their own label in 2019, they’ve released a self-titled album where they re-recorded their old content and updated a few of their songs to fit with their current artistry. They’ve also released a live album as well as two Best-Of albums with some of their old songs on them under the themes of “sun” and “moon.” They’ve done a great job of introducing their body of work under these curated albums under their own company, and they’re streaming in a few places in the US. If you want to get a better idea of their full discography, their website has a list here: https://goodonthereel.net/discography or you can check out where their music is available here: https://umj.lnk.to/goodonthereel-artistlink


Artist Links

Website: http://www.goodonthereel.net 

Listen: https://umj.lnk.to/goodonthereel-artistlink

Instagram: https://instagram.com/goodonthereelofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GOODONTHEREEL

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This Broadcast was written by Erin; you can find them on instagram at @thekniterin.