Short Thoughts on Literary Perspective

So I\’ve known this about myself for awhile, but I don’t like fiction where the POV lives “inside the head” of the protagonist(s).

It’s too focused on intimately personal and sensory experiences. Some people like that, but I don’t. And that’s okay, it’s a valid writing perspective that doesn’t invalidate other approaches. But I don\’t like how some people consider this approach is the only \”good\” style of writing, while all others are somehow inferior.

I think this approach was a natural reaction to the more distant, \”observer-style\” approach taken by fair amount of 20th century fiction, esp. Brit-lit. But the world has revolved again, and think it’s time to bring the former POV approach back into vogue through the process of inevitable stylistic evolution.

I don’t really care about the sensory experiences of characters; I think they’re more interesting when they\’re given some amount of internal privacy, since we can’t ever truly know how other people experience events and emotions. The best we can do is observe and interpret and try to relate. That’s the writing style that I want to move forward with.

It’s worth noting that my critique doesn’t apply to POC/queer/ND/disabled writing styles and traditions, as I can\’t be a participant of these paradigms.