Publish or Perish: Finding an Artist

It\’s been a little bit since my last update. I think I\’ve already come to terms with how I\’m not the kind of person who does journaling in a natural kinda way. I know that it\’s probably one of those habits that needs to be built up over time, but that process is also something that comes more naturally to certain types of people. Certain types that I am not. I think I have accepted that remembering to update and updating consistently will never come easily no matter how much I do it, but that\’s also ok. We\’ve all got our strengths and weaknesses, and it just means I have to put more conscious effort into it. There plenty of people in the world ready to be your demeaning boss, you don\’t need one inside your head as well.

But, the reason I\’m writing this now: progress! After some amount of deliberation, I selected an artist and contacted her. We\’ve been going back and forth via email for a few weeks now, making sure we\’re both on the same page about what\’s gonna come out of this project. She will be producing the cover for Renna\’s Crossing, along with a series of thematic images that I can use in my marketing production. She\’s busy doing the rough sketches right now, and we have a tentative deadline date of mid-January. In the meantime I need to be actually creating a more comprehensive marketing plan and getting that all set up to go, so when she hands me the images I\’m not just sitting there like an ass on a cold day.

I\’m not revealing the artist\’s identity here at this time because we\’re not technically under any kind of contract yet, the money hasn\’t changed hands and all that. I still have no idea if there\’s anyone who sees these posts as they come out or if they might gain traction sometime in the future. But I think that info is something that I\’ll put out there when the time feels right. All I can say right now is that I\’m real excited to see what she comes up with because I\’ve been a fan of her work for several years now. Even just getting to contact her and work with her on an individual basis is pretty thrilling.

Anyway, of course it\’s Mandatory Holiday Consumerism Month, and things get slightly cray near the year-end. Regardless I\’m gonna try and think more about the marketing plan and get some preliminary things set up. And I\’ll be back here to post when that happens.

— Nagi