Dev Diary 4/15/19

Yesterday I wrote about 2.5k words of world-building for Beyond the Homeworld, the new OWS (Other-World Setting) I\’m whipping up for the Sher\’zade System. Also I guess I\’m changing the acronym of the Sher\’zade System from SHZS to SZS now, cuz I guess SHZS didn\’t really make enough sense to have that extra letter? Also now it shares an acronym with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and maybe I\’ll be the only one who appreciates that, but so be it.

I think I\’ve released 4 posts for Chaotic Youthful so far, on Twitter, Instagram, and my personal Tumblr and Pillowfort. They\’ve been getting only a handful of reblogs and likes, but given that the public-facing accounts have literally no followers right now I think that\’s fine. I actually got my first couple followers from it. It seems like some people are really naturally adept at using social media to share stuff on a very regular basis, and I don\’t really work that way; using social media is always a chore for me, even with my personal life, so I mostly don\’t do it. But figuring out how to use social media in order to promote my projects seems like a task that I can contextualize into a skillset that I\’m better at- organizing and graphic design and social psychology, figuring out how people interact with media. That\’s stuff that\’s interesting to me.

Also Myth 2 of Calliope is finally fully published, and that\’s one thing of my still very-full plate. I\’m looking forward to getting back to it at some point, hopefully in the near-ish future.